February 15, 2014

Should I?

Yes, I'm very sorry to my blog for not making my resolutions a success. Not that I don't want to, but I don't have any idea on what to talk about. Or maybe my daily life is just plain boring with me being a full time maid. Life after SPM is always like this, huh? :|

Anyways, I haven't talk with my so-called-friends and online pals. Why? Because I simply get a hold with my principle ; If they're not talking / the one who started first, they're definitely not interested with you. Or perhaps they're busy. Obviously, being a goody two shoes girl, I wouldn't disturb them, right?

 So.. I began to realize. Should I leave my net friends and keep going with my real life, hanging out with realistic friends? Should I just go away without telling them anything? It's not like they will care about me, after all.

full : how to disappear online
 But then..
“Tidak halal bagi seorang laki-laki memutuskan hubungan saudaranya lebih dari tiga malam. Saling berpapasan tapi yang ini memalingkan muka dan yang itu (juga) membuang muka. Yang terbaik di antara keduanya yaitu yang memulai salam” 
Well, most of my online friends aren't Muslim.. Ffffuuuuuu. Seems like I already answered my question right? Kan.