February 15, 2014

Should I?

Yes, I'm very sorry to my blog for not making my resolutions a success. Not that I don't want to, but I don't have any idea on what to talk about. Or maybe my daily life is just plain boring with me being a full time maid. Life after SPM is always like this, huh? :|

Anyways, I haven't talk with my so-called-friends and online pals. Why? Because I simply get a hold with my principle ; If they're not talking / the one who started first, they're definitely not interested with you. Or perhaps they're busy. Obviously, being a goody two shoes girl, I wouldn't disturb them, right?

 So.. I began to realize. Should I leave my net friends and keep going with my real life, hanging out with realistic friends? Should I just go away without telling them anything? It's not like they will care about me, after all.

full : how to disappear online
 But then..
“Tidak halal bagi seorang laki-laki memutuskan hubungan saudaranya lebih dari tiga malam. Saling berpapasan tapi yang ini memalingkan muka dan yang itu (juga) membuang muka. Yang terbaik di antara keduanya yaitu yang memulai salam” 
Well, most of my online friends aren't Muslim.. Ffffuuuuuu. Seems like I already answered my question right? Kan.

February 5, 2014


Being an introvert, shy and quiet, I always find myself to get some friends via the internet. Easier for me because I won't need to go face to face to talk to people. Every social networking site that I tried- I'd be there. However, it's actually creepy, since we wouldn't know to who we are talking to. ie: rebellious peeps, problematic people etc. We just don't know (unless they want to reveal who they are)

I depend and rely way too much on them. They gave me courage, motivations because we feel like that we're on the same boat. Even they remembered my birthday date better compared to my in real life friends. I don't blame my so called irl friends though. I'm just the one that is not good with socialising.

Ustaz Kazim Elias said (direct translate) ;
There are 3 types of people in this world :-
a) when you're there, people likes you. when you're not there, they'll be worried and restless. Like our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
b) when you're there, people hate, dislike you. when you're not there, they'll be happy and relieved
c) no one cares whether you're around or not
Which group are you in?
But then I realized. Do my existence is actually knowledgeable to them? What and how'd they react when I disappeared suddenly from this vast world? Will they worry about me, think about me? Who am I to them?

Those are the questions that always stay in my head and kept unanswered

February 4, 2014


Yes I'm pretty late. But it's okay.
It's just resolutions about my blog, hoping this little world of mine to keep up to date. Lately I'm too busy with my tumblr.

1) A post a day. Maybe about my day life diary, or simply what I just want to rant about. Thus, bear with me 8'D

2) English. Try to talk in broken but can understandable english. Maybe I'll insert in some Manglish. Because we're Malaysian like that.

3) Hm. Change layout?

Have a great day ahead!