October 30, 2011

Segmen Blog Kami KPoppers

Hello everyone! Nothing much to say, I'd like to join a segmen yang dianjurkan oleh kak Nana. Sajer jer, bosan. Hari ni aku nak cerita sejarah macam mana aku boleh berminat dengan K-Pop dan group mana yang aku minat.

Actually, aku memang tak minat langsung dengan K-Pop dan Justin Bieber ( time tu memang zaman JB meletop..) ni. Selalu kata diorang ni poyo, rambut panjang, selekeh, etc. (kira kutuk la..)(TAPI sekarang tak lagi! I respect them! ) Time aku tengah blog-walking kat blog Qayyum yang time tu memang minat dengan B2ST, terdetik hati ( cewah, ayat tu.._) nak tahu kenapa la ada orang yang minat benda ni semua. So, aku klik lagu yang menjadi bualan hangat kat blog Qay tu, alaaaa.. Yang ni..

And I've to say, not bad.. Dan satu lagi, aku minat sangat dengan lagu Hello Hello nyanyian FT Island. Muzik FM selalu siarkan lagu tu. Time tu, aku tak tahu pun FT Island tu band dari Korea, tapi bila aku dah google lirik dan profile band tu..I was.. I'm in LOVE with 'em! Kyaaa!

I'm a Primmadonna! Hehe.. Dan yang bestnya, FT Island ni memang riuh dan kelakar. When it come to dancing part, they're really funneh! Especially Hong Ki. Orang selalu kata HK mirip Mir MBLAQ. I've to say it's quite true. Min Hwan oppa, cute ^^ Seung Hyun oppa, cool one. Jae Jin, love his face <3 Sexy leader, Jong Hoon.

Jae Jin, Hong Ki, Min Hwan, Seung Hyun and Jong Hoon ^^
Selain tu, aku juga peminat SuJu, B2ST, SHINee, BEG, U-Kiss, Boyfriend, INFINITE, MBLAQ dan banyak lagi. ELF's, B2UTY, SHINee World, 4EverLasting, Kiss Me, Inspirit, A+ .. Banyak lah, penat dah jari nak menaip ni >_<

So, feel free to join segmen yang dianjurkan oleh Nana Johari ni ^^ Kekeke..

Kekeke.. Love SHINee and FT Island. Sad because Hong Ki is not with 'em. Kalau tak mesti lagi meriah.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
Seriously, they're funny! Just love their dance, especially Shin Dong and Eun Hyuk. Lee Teuk dimples.. <3

Tagged for 2nd Time

So, thanks to Dinda Persilka for tagging me. Appreaciate it although not 11 q's.. Kekeke,, -__-"
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>Detective Conan or Naruto?
DC for me, babeh. I've to admit, Shinichi Kudo in cartoon is handsome but not really when he came for real life.

>Laptop or computer?
Laptop, easy to bring.

>Who are your parents?
Wondering why there is sorta kind of this question.. Hmm.. My mom, Sabariah Mohd Sofian and my daddy, Jamal bin Roslan. Awesome parents!

>Do you have any siblings?
Indeed which is 4  of 'em and I'm the first one to be born.

>When is your birthday?
4th of September in the year of 1996. Same date as sis Lyssa but not the year, and time. Want to give me presents or HB wish?

Lol, I thought the chorus of this song was like,, "Bacteria, bacteria, dadedaed..!" xD

I'm too lazy to make such 11 ridiculous questions and tagged 11 people. Freaking tired and right now I'm sleepy + hungry. 3 questions for 3 bloggers.. Ok?
- Have you ever feel boring be a blogger?
- 1 + 2 ?
- Does 123 means a lot to you?
- Sis Atiqah
Miss D
- Etiey

October 21, 2011

Tagged Game

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Hey guys! How are you today? Hoping that everyone are fine :) As you can see, in my background  LMAO.. Okay, forget about AnwarHadi's old line :P As you can see, I've been tagged by Miss Teeha for this brand new game :) Let's answer it!
  • You must post these rules
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal
  • Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions the people you tagged to answer
  • You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post
  • Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM / HER
  • No tag back!
  • No stuff in the tagging section about "YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU ARE READING THIS" YOU LEGITIMATELY (a.k.a REALLY, TRUST, WITH AL HONESTY) have tagged 11 people
11 things about me;
  • I'm a girl and wear a pair of blue spectacles that does not suit for me at all
  • I hate shopping and hate wasting my time just for fashion
  • Quiet, shy and boring girl. Sometimes a bit emo
  • I'm not a good talker
  • Wishing that I can meet the K-Pop groups and dies in front of 'em ( k, kidding -__-" )
  • No so many people know that I've a blog
  • Sleeping, reading, listening to music are my hobbies
  • I  like to read Komik-M ( best bro! )
  • I hate most people around me except my family and friends that I'm familiar with
  • Want to have a heap collection of key chains@ stamps@ novels ( tapi, tak pandai jaga T^T )
  • I'm fussy and hate to cooperate with other people
So, I'll answer Teeha's questions;
  • What kind of animal that you love?
Nyan! Kitty and cats! >w< So cute! <3

  • Who always make a trouble? Boy or girl?
Opinion question. Hmm.. I guess girl will start first. Usually because of jealous, boys etc.  At the end, they'll be fighting (Adegan tarik rambut, kenapa la tak terus tendang atau bunuh.. Baru puas hati kan? :P )

  • What do you want on your birthday?
Just a brand new handphone _ No, don't want that. I just want some loves from my family because I already have everything in my life :)

  • What brand of your laptop?
Sony Vaio VGN-FW35G. My dad's actually, but he gave it to me because he has a new one :)

  • Did you have someone special?
Of course! My parents duh! <3 Without them, we're not we are. If you asking about love @ crush, no for this time. Focus on study first ^^ (Nerd -__-")

  • Your hobbies?
Reading, blogging, online for games and listening to music especially K-Pop and country songs <3

  • Something that you ticklish?
Err, roaches and lizard tail. ( Kak Ti tak berapa geli sangat, comel gitu walaupun orang kata kotor )

  • Are you tired with my questions?
No, no, no. Because I'm typing so not so tired answering it. Different if you answer using your mouth, I'll start boring with it. 

  • Did you easy to give up?
Yup. Almost everything especially when it comes for school works. In the end, buat ala kadar jer la..

  • What you want do right now?
Nothing. Just sit, relax and listen for some musics.

  • The test end, are happy or not?
Of course! Freaking happy and hoping that there'll no more exams ( Hah! In your dreams Khayrin.. In your dreams -__-! ) Ok.. SPM will come 2 years later.. F***ers!

My questions for you;
1- How are you?
2- How many hours do you spend for blog? ( Including coding, blogwalking etc. )
3- Ultraman or Power Rangers? (LMAO..)
4- Do you like to eat Western kind of foods? If so, what kind of them?
5- What do you think of people that don't have handphone?
6- Chocolate or sweets?
7- Do you like ice-creams?
8- Likes to cook? If so, what will you usually cook?
9- Do you like your current blog?
10- Tiger or lion?
11- So, what you gonna do after answering my stupid questions?

Random tagged peeps;
Noor Cahaya Adriana Atiqah Idrus Fatin Athirah Aen Norazlin Anis Zahra Farida Amira Marie Siti Izzanis Ainun
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October 15, 2011


Why does every animals movie must be a super-sad ending? I cried so much when I watched these videos.

File:Akita Collage.png
 I guess that Akitas' breed of dog are totally loyal to their owner <3

As well as my cat, Tomok always welcome me every time I went back from school and sit in front of my room. You're such a good and loyal kitty Tomok T^T But you're to stubborn when it's bath time >:(


My friend, Najwa had already knew that I got my own blog.. Oh no, she already knew my secrets that I always babbled on this blog.. Recently, she asked me if  I always update my blog.. Naa.. I'm too lazy to do that T3T.. Nothing much to be say T^T

After a few shitty weeks and fucking darn days before this, I decided to update my post. Nothing much happened to my blog after PMR. I'll never ever change my blog template, neither the colors.
Anyway, I've been into K-Pop! Most of their songs are super-addicting! I just freaking love it! Especially FT Island ^^

Love Love Love and Hello Hello song are the best :D

I just love the newest Remake Album of them which entitled Birds. Enjoice!

Feel free to visit Wawa's blog! :D