October 30, 2011

Tagged for 2nd Time

So, thanks to Dinda Persilka for tagging me. Appreaciate it although not 11 q's.. Kekeke,, -__-"
biscuit, candy, cookies, cute, delicious

>Detective Conan or Naruto?
DC for me, babeh. I've to admit, Shinichi Kudo in cartoon is handsome but not really when he came for real life.

>Laptop or computer?
Laptop, easy to bring.

>Who are your parents?
Wondering why there is sorta kind of this question.. Hmm.. My mom, Sabariah Mohd Sofian and my daddy, Jamal bin Roslan. Awesome parents!

>Do you have any siblings?
Indeed which is 4  of 'em and I'm the first one to be born.

>When is your birthday?
4th of September in the year of 1996. Same date as sis Lyssa but not the year, and time. Want to give me presents or HB wish?

Lol, I thought the chorus of this song was like,, "Bacteria, bacteria, dadedaed..!" xD

I'm too lazy to make such 11 ridiculous questions and tagged 11 people. Freaking tired and right now I'm sleepy + hungry. 3 questions for 3 bloggers.. Ok?
- Have you ever feel boring be a blogger?
- 1 + 2 ?
- Does 123 means a lot to you?
- Sis Atiqah
Miss D
- Etiey

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