October 15, 2011


My friend, Najwa had already knew that I got my own blog.. Oh no, she already knew my secrets that I always babbled on this blog.. Recently, she asked me if  I always update my blog.. Naa.. I'm too lazy to do that T3T.. Nothing much to be say T^T

After a few shitty weeks and fucking darn days before this, I decided to update my post. Nothing much happened to my blog after PMR. I'll never ever change my blog template, neither the colors.
Anyway, I've been into K-Pop! Most of their songs are super-addicting! I just freaking love it! Especially FT Island ^^

Love Love Love and Hello Hello song are the best :D

I just love the newest Remake Album of them which entitled Birds. Enjoice!

Feel free to visit Wawa's blog! :D


si kiut lavender said...

love Ft island...:)
but kim hyun joong always in my heart...:P..ahaks...

Budak_taWadhuk - najwa - said...

me too... espclly, the Beast's. love it. -on rainy days- -fiction-

Khayrin Jamila said...

@si kiut lavender omg.. he is freaking cute! >w< xD

Khayrin Jamila said...

@Budak_taWadhuk - najwa - really? ingatkan wawa tak dgr lagu2 camni.. ahaks xD anyway, yoseob is my fav, IF he didn't dye his hair ;)

Budak_taWadhuk - najwa - said...

wajib dngr tw.. hehe