September 25, 2011

I Tell You..

This is just a stupid post.. Don't want to read it ignore it :) 

Hey pees! Long time no see you eh? Miss me? No? Hu-hu.. How dare you.. I'll slap you :( Naaa.. Just kidding.

I'm just to lazy to update my blog.. Just let it be.. Moreover, PMR is around the corner.. 4 October is coming! Zomgeee! Therefore, no time to update.. Wait until 11 October and I'll be free! MERDEKA!!

Anyway, enjoy one of the pictures of my cute and chubby little cat, Tomok! <3 OMGee! He looks so cute, eh? Teee-hee.. ^^


Budak_taWadhuk - najwa - said...

OMG... khayrin! hehe. hve a visit to my blog.. don't shy2 cat erk.. [:

Khayrin Jamila said...

@Budak_taWadhuk - najwa -
Hehe.. No problem.. :D Actually r I've always stalk your blog ^^ But too shy to comment on your post xD