September 9, 2012

B.A.P Crash Review

Masya-Allah.. Lamanya tak jenguk blog ni. Last update bulan March.. Seriously?! But alhamdulillah, my followers are still loyal to me, lol .Nao, nao ; Let Khayrin give you guys a big hug `3`

My current mood
Lol, anyway today I'd like to give a review on B.A.P. It's my first review ever in my life. I just want to try something new. But, this is just my opinion, duh. Don't kill me. Proceed with care. 
Wait, what? You don't know B.A.P? Well, they're actually a rookie K-Pop group consist of BYG (leader), Commander Himchan @ Derp-chan, Daehyunnie, Youngjae, JongUp and Zelo. As you may know, their fan base which is called Baby are totally strong and getting better each days. Pretty impressive and promising for rookie.
I bet other rookie groups may take a long time to be like 'em. (Don't worry BTOB, all Melody including me will always support you) Anyway you might want to Google up to kill your curiosity.

The MV

First of all, I'd like to say I like and love this song. The beat is catchy and happy. As you can see, B.A.P is recording their MV at Malaysia, to be exact Sunway Lagoon (also for their showcase at KL) I like to see how they're having fun there with the animals (which I'd say, they're not really enjoys it) , water and Go-kart. Also eating Mat Kool ice-creams (definitely my all time favourite omnomnom thing, shivers). Urm, and the MV doesn't have to with the song but I still like it. ( ˘ ³˘)♥

Conspiracy Keanu think..
"What if they travel to Malaysia to find the girl that they're talking about in this song? But instead, they're having fun here and forgot about her. Later, they made concert and advertise their faces so that the girl will come to them. But at last, they gave up and just wait for the girl. ಠ_ಠ "
---> Ignore him..

But seriously.. As you may know, B.A.P is a Korean group, got talents, face, fans.
Not that, lol... ; u ;
If I'm an idol, I'd like to spend myself with a private holiday. Not with the police around you guarding around duh. But yeah, I don't see B.A.P's problems with that. Pfft.. And the "OMG! They're at Malaysia! Love you, oppa!" "Yeah, B.A.P at Malaysia! I'm dying. Adorable, wub wub, die" comments. That totally pissed me off. Well, I'm Malaysian, no offence with that. International people came to our country, win-win strategy. People get to know Malaysia and their fans increased. But those comments.. Oh c'mon. Be open-minded guys! I was like, face palm over those comments. Argh, why?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

The Dance

The choreography, is so adorable and easy to follow along even if you're sitting. Especially with the "saranghae" when they're making heart-shape and "Help me". It goes well with the song along with the whistle part. I guess whistle is B.A.P's item. Most of their songs have whistle part in it.

And totally, this group knows how to capture their Babys' heart. Obviously with the couples, lol. BangHim, DaeJae and JongLo ( but I want my own version; LoUp. Maybe it doesn't sounds right). I also like how they always change the choreo during the "nanananana"

Most of the people always say, "I can't believe they're warriors" etc. Just like Nu'est with Not Over You, I think it's pretty normal for not only K-Pop idols, norm people to do that too. They won't just stick with one and only concept, instead they varies it. Just like when you're wearing shirt. You ain't using the same thing everyday, right? Unless you're a weird person. If you think you don't like B.A.P child side, don't hate 'em. One day they'll come with a better and ...... [tuuuut]
Wow, I made and ruined a good quote. Trololooo xD
Oh Yongguk. Your grin is indeed very precious, lol ^3^
Edit ; Usually a K-pop review also critique their English but I ain't do that. Why? Because I'm not a perfect English speaker and I don't want to be like a blind leading the blind. Perhaps it's better for you to ask your English teacher.
Sir, I used your idiom in my "daily life". Happy? :3


Anonymous said...

waalaikumussalam..weeheee ! jupe balik kpop..hahah.,.lme dh koott tingglkn kpop nieh..bahaya d hati ini..hehehe.

Khayrin Jamila said...

@Novelgurl kalau dh k-pop, sampai bila2 lekat di hati xD

Yun-MinA said... also love kpop!
sy sume layan..mmg allkpop..
tp sy mmg hardcore giler dekat BEAST n B.A.P...coz they manly and cute at the same time..i mean without knowing it.

Khayrin Jamila said...

@Yun-MinA Yup, yup!
K-Pop boys can easily pull out any looks and trends on them ; D