November 16, 2011


cat, cute, hilarious
Aww! So cute >w<  Err.. I hope you don't have such a pervy mind when have a look with this pic..
Assalamualaikum everyone! :D School holidays, nothing much to do.Lately, I'm a bat (one that sleeps in the morning for the whole day and at night, wake up like crazy and went online ). So one day, I open my blog and quite happy with the followers, ( Thank you, Thank you! Woot woot!) Later, I explores the "Stats" button, click "Traffic Sources" and click "All Time". Scroll down to "Search Keywords". And the weirdness pop out of my head. Why?

Check this out;
*click so you'll not rabun.. -__-"
Okay.. I assume most of my traffic came from people that search for the Greetings atau Assalamualaikum punya tutorial. Happy because at least there are people that look for my tutorial (don't know if they manage to do it or not). But, see the keywords inside the red box? That was totally made me rofl-ing like crazy..

"Aku baru saja" Lol. What the heck was that? I didn't remember any of my post with thet keyword.  "Tak beranak risau" Rofl-ing like crazy! So far as I remember, I never made any entry that related to pregnancy or give birth. Weird. Hmm... Owh.. Maybe those anonymous person search about my cat. You know, Meong and its three little kittens, but eventually died or lost. Only one still save, Tomok. :3

"Poto-poyo eunhyuk" Got 1 hit there. I guess this people was looking for this post. Aww.. Poor Eun Hyukkie oppa, they said you poyo. But I still like you coz you're the dancing machine of Super Junior. And such a noob person there, typing "poto" instead of "poyo"( I know, typo error but he/she deserve that "noob" award) Heh!

What about your blog? How do they found your blog using keywords? I'm curios to know! :D
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cik nur said...

hehehe nur pernah dapat keyword kain batik but not even one word pun cerita pasal kain batik pelik la..

Khayrin Jamila said...

@cik nur Aik? camner lak tu? hehe.. tapi takper la..Janji orang yg taip keywords tu dh bantu naikkn traffic blog kita, ya tak?
at least ada gak yg lwt blog kita kan :)