November 20, 2011


Ok. Tomorrow will return to kampung, Johor T_T Will leave internet and my precious laptop.. Completely 34 days of doom! ( I hate my cousins very very very much! ) Darn it! And mostly, need to leave the lovely and loveable kitty, Tomok..
adorable, black and white, cat, cute, fashion
That is not my Tomok anyway.. Just random adorable kitty :3
Kkk.. To followers, I promise I'll follow you back.. :D (Depend la if you're loyal follower ( you wait for me, LoL Like love story lak), or not I don't care at all la.. I'll just give a boo to you.. :D )

girl, goodbye, sad, text, typography

Nota tangan; I really fall in love with the song that played in my blog right now :D  

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