July 13, 2011


Hey guys! How are you today? Hoping that all of you just fine like always..
Hey, did you notice something? No? Ok.. I'll tell ya' [even though you don't want to know..]


Is it weird? I don't think so.. Why you chose to post in English?
Hmm.. Nothing actually, I just want to make a change.. It won't so bad right? Moreover, my mum want me to improve my English grade [Yeah.. Mine sucks.. Broken English] Therefore, she will allow me blogging just if I posted in English.. Hence, that's why I'm doing this..

But.. That's not the point I'm here today.. Guess what guys..? I'm going to Badin this Thursday!
Aww man! That sucks much!

(What the hell is Badin anyway?)

Lol.. Are you asking that? It is a school.. Secondary school located at Tuaran.. Seriously I don't want to go! I'm gonna be homesick, missing up my cats, my mom's cooking, my internet and laptop etc. For your information, I'm gonna stay there for 4 days and 3 nights! Shit..

(What is it for anyway?)

You asked again.. Hehe.. It's a special camp for the KRKs' or Kelas Rancangan Khas (class of special plans.. Seriously? LOL ) I'm going there with my classmates.. 22 of them.. 

(Then, you should not to worry.. There are many friends around you to help ya'..)

You think so? I don't think they'll care much about me since I'm a quiet and shy person.. So I'm sure they'll make don't know face if I near them.. =(

Yes.. I'm frust right now.. I've never been away for that long.. If I do, but only for 3 days and 2 nights.. Huhu.. I'm gonna miss my Habbo and Gaia Online!  And my blog too! I wish that I can bring along camera, so I can snap some of the pictures at that school.. Guess not since my teacher not allowing us to do that.. Nor hand phone or electronic gadgets that worth much.. Darn it..

Ok.. That's for all now.. I'm sleepy and tired with my topical tests.. Dream on!

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